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The Best Garage Door Opener Brands

08/16/2015 Back To Blog

With such a confusing array of products and manufacturers to choose from when you’re looking for a new opener, the options can get to be a bit overwhelming. So which manufacturer is the best bet in the industry and who should you go for? Well that depends. There are different needs, different likes, different budgets for different entrances and quite a few bits and pieces of equipment and accessories to take into account. Having said that, we at Garage Door Repair Agoura Hills trust in the household names that we stock, because we know they are the leaders in industry quality standards at the moment.The Best Garage Door Opener Brands

The Best Opener for You

Let’s first discuss the range of Genie openers. Genie have been operating in the US and Canada for over 80 years and produce systems for both the commercial and residential markets. Their TrilioG Series is fantastically quick, the IntelliG series is remarkably quiet and the ReliaG series is great value for money. Genie makes it all and suites both large and limited budgets when it comes to value for money. If a company can be trusted with the challenges of making openers for the commercial market, then they can undoubtedly be trusted for their residential products.

The series of Sears Craftsman openers is available in either chain drive or belt drive models, and they even come with internet capabilities. Craftsman also specializes in remotes, multifunctional remotes and wall panels, as well as in accessories like motion sensors, smart panels and backup batteries. Their products are high tech, affordable and reliable, and can even make use of your phone.

Liftmaster openers are sleek, durable and sophisticated. They are built to last, which proves that where you spend good money, you get a good product. That means they won’t break-down nor do they require repairs as often as other brands do. Their accessories are advanced, multifunctional and user friendly.

The best about Allister openers is that they are inexpensive and easy to repair. They share parts with many other types and brands of openers and so the components are always in steady supply. They are a popular manufacturer because they are customizable and deliver professional equipment at reasonable rates.

Hopefully this has helped you gain a better understanding of your choices. If you want to find out more about products and services of the different manufacturers we support, feel free to take a look at our website or contact us for some professional assistance. Whether it’s for repairs, installations, purchases or just to browse, we would be happy to help you where we can.

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