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Things to Consider When Building / Rebuilding Garage Doors

08/16/2015 Back To Blog

Did you know that a standard garage door is 9 feet wide and 7 feet tall? This is sufficient to park your car, but it can be challenging for anyone with a mid-sized car. This is the reason there are a lot of people who are looking for ways to extend their doors. Unfortunately, homeowners who bought their houses with an existing garage door won’t have much of an option.

Expert in residential garage door replacement and installationThings to Consider When Building or Rebuilding Garage Doors

Nowadays, these doors can be customized and come at any size that your property would allow you to have. This will give you the chance to build or rebuild your garage, and create an opening that is perfect for what you really need. Before you make your decision, there are a few things that you need to ask yourself. These will make the task easier for you, and will ensure that you will really get the door that you need.

The first and most important thing that you have to consider is the size of the property and the car that you have. Custom doors will allow you to have a garage that can store a boat or even a trailer inside, but you need to make sure that your property has enough room for it. Keep in mind that a single accident, caused by your difficulty in parking, could cost more than the amount of a custom door, so you need to give it some serious thought.

Once you’ve determined the size of your garage, the next thing that you need to consider is the materials that will be used for it. Conventional garages use steel for their doors, but you can opt to use wooden or glass garage doors, depending on your needs. The material that you are going to use will also have a huge impact on the construction cost, so you need to be careful when picking one. The last thing that you would want is to feel bad every time you drive home, due to the challenges that you’ll experience while parking your car.

Regardless of the option that you are going to utilize, you need to make sure that your newly rebuilt garage will have everything that you need, from security to functionality. It is the largest appliance that you’ll have inside your house, so you need to be very careful in choosing one. You can contact us if you are still having problems in choosing the best for your home or if you are in need of a professional garage door service provider in Agoura Hills.

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